Whether you have attendance of ten or thousands, MedCycle can provide all of the EMS staff, equipment, supplies & logistics to ensure your participants have the highest level of on-site emergency standby care.  

From simple standby response and educations to advanced deployment and logistical needs, we can provide all Basic Life Support (BLS) services in a wide variety of situations.

MedCycle provides rapid response of basic medical care in areas that may be impossible or difficult for ambulances to reach.  When a medical emergency arises, each second is critical to the patient’s outcome – and your event’s reputation.  Bicycles allow pre-hospital EMS providers to initiate care quickly in a variety of areas.  From urban to rural, paved to off road locations, our specially EMS designed Volcanic brand bikes and our crews can handle most any terrain. 

We also train for nighttime operations and basic search and rescue strategy.  MedCycle bike patrol crews carry the same ‘jump bag’ equipment onboard our bikes as traditional BLS ambulance crews.  Bikes are constantly GPS located by our central command unit.

MedCycle can provide medical services at many events, with customized tailoring for your specific needs.  Every event is different, and we work with you to find the right solutions for your specific type of situation. 


Capabilities that our team can provide include:

  • Incident-specific basic emergency medical care for guests – at no additional cost – using highly visible and approachable IPMBA certified bicycle EMS staff
  • AEDs
  • Portable emergency oxygen
  • All basic life support medical supplies found in a traditional ambulance
  • Electronic patient information tracking 
  • Medical command unit, featuring storage for participant medications, two-way radio communications, and additional supplies
  • Medical Director who oversees our operations to ensure the highest quality and legality of care


Examples of our services

basic standby

  • Concerts
  • Rallies
  • Public events
  • Trade shows
  • Sporting events
  • Recreational activities
  • School, church, and college functions
  • Running, cycling, multi-sport courses
  • Festivals
  • Malls
  • Business districts


special deployment

  • Search and rescue response
  • Localized disaster emergency response
  • Tactical medical situations
  • Hazardous work zones
  • On-set television and movie production standby
  • First Aid education and outreach
  • Bicycle safety demonstrations
  • First Aid and CPR training
  • Alternative and non-mainstream events


more about ipmba certification

IPMBA (International Police Mountain Bike Association) is the gold standard for bicycle training in emergency services. Since 1991, IPMBA has provided comprehensive bike patrol training for public safety professionals. Cyclists learn proven techniques to ride safely in traffic and off-road, and spend hours developing these skills to take home and use in their patrols.


We use specialized volcanic brand bikes