MedCycle provides professional, certified Emergency Medical Services utilizing custom state-of-the-art bicycles for your event and organizational needs.

Where ambulances can’t go – we can!


Emergency Medical Service (EMS) “standbys” – when an EMS crew is posted at a large event – are traditionally left to ambulances.  But when a medical emergency occurs, and the patient is in the middle of a large crowd or other inaccessible area, an ambulance alone may not be the best solution. 

MedCycle EMTs and Paramedics can stand by at your event and provide a range of response to medical emergencies.  Using our specialty outfitted EMS-specific bicycles, we can quickly access more area in non-traditional event spaces than ambulance-based providers.

Fully trained in EMS and International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) certified, MedCycle has responders can reach the patient’s side and immediately provide care faster than an ambulance.  Our crews are trained to navigate through crowds and negotiate difficult terrain such as stairs.  Best of all, we provide these services at no cost to the patient.

Whether you have attendance of ten or thousands, MedCycle can provide the EMS staff, equipment, supplies & logistics to ensure YOUR participants have the highest level of on-site emergency standby care.



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