Our Mission

To meet the specialized needs of event organizers and other leaders needing on-site EMS services in New Jersey and surrounding areas; to provide the highest levels of bicycle-based, certified, quality care to patients – at no additional cost; and to provide positive proactive education to the public about first aid & safety.



MedCycle was founded in 2015 by Paramedic Chris Polgar.  With an interest in cycling and a commitment to quality EMS services, Polgar saw an opportunity for a new kind of emergency response model for events & other forms of nontraditional EMS Stand-By resources.

Polgar, who is a current hospital-based paramedic in the state of New Jersey, holds NREMT-P and MICP credentials.  His 14 years of professional experience includes serving as an EMT, Paramedic, and Chief of a local EMS squad.  During this time, he utilized bikes to raise public awareness of the organization and assist in outreach and response.  Polgar learned about IPMBA training and certification, and became determined to develop a high-quality bicycle EMS program.  During this time, he saw more uses for bikes, and even a need for them:  they could go where ambulances could not, and could do it faster than a responder on foot. 

Since its inception, MedCycle has evolved to include a number of state-of-the-art Volcanic bicycles, additional EMT & Paramedic personnel, field equipment, and all basic EMS equipment for whatever the client's individual situation requires.


locations served

MedCycle serves New Jersey and the surrounding areas, including greater New York & Philadelphia, as well as surrounding states.


our partner Sponsors

We welcome partnering or sponsorship opportunities.



MedCycle has ongoing availability for those looking for on-call, part time contract work, as well as a variety of volunteer positions.

Opportunities include bicycle techs, non-EMS event staff, on-site assistants, grant writers, and others.  As a small, growing non-profit company, we can assist qualified candidates with volunteer capacity jobs and provide experiences for those looking to advance in the EMS field.

We always welcome referrals – for good talent, good job leads,
or good networking.  Contact us if you can help!

Your efforts have made many more children in our community safer. Without your help, this event would not be possible.
— Catherine Pellicane & Kelly Amabile, John Marshall Elementary School

Reasons to check us out for your event

  • Less costly than traditional ambulance based services

  • Fully trained, certified, professional EMT and Paramedics

  • Provides HIPAA and legal compliance

  • No fuel requirements

  • Less pollution - no idling engines

  • Increased maneuverability through crowds and difficult terrain

  • Reduce liability by providing direct, on-site care at NO COST to the patient

  • Highly visible staff committed to actively engaging participants

  • Faster response to patient can mean less need for expensive ambulance calls or transport in non-life threatening situations