What are your legal credentials?

Our clinical staff members are certified EMS professionals in a variety of levels, including EMT & Paramedic BLS/ALS roles.  We are incorporated as a non-profit entity, and have a staff Medical Director who is an accredited Doctor.

How many staff do you have?

Our staffing is based on part-time on-call work.  We have many EMS trained staff that are part of our organization.

What is the cost?

The cost is widely dependent on the scope of your needs and a host of other factors.  Your specific needs and requirements may be far different from another similar event.  Flexible pricing based on logistics and type of need give us the ability to offer pricing that better suits your individual situation, rather than a one size fits all approach.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

Cash, business check, credit cards, as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Are there a maximum number of attendees you can safely provide service for?

Yes and no.  We can provide services to both small and large numbers of people, but the specific event, lead time, and logistics may dictate the levels of staffing.  As an example, a group of 50 engaging in demanding or dangerous activity spread out over miles may require the same staffing as a passive, dynamic group of 5,000 who may not need as much coverage.

Do you call 9-1-1?

Yes.  In situations requiring emergency hospitalization, transport, or other advance life support issues, we contact outside emergency responders as we simultaneously begin treatment and evaluation.

What if additional response is needed, or hospital transport?

We will work with any outside entity to ensure the patient is properly cared for.  This includes 911 contact.  We can provide evaluation and patient charts to proper medical authorities.

Do you carry stretchers or other large items on the bikes?

Our bikes are specially designed to carry many basic life support response supplies.  We do not use bikes to transport patients.

Can you provide support for multi-day events?

Yes!  Whether it’s for one hour or for a week long event, we can arrange support.

I like the services you provide, but my organization or insurance requires an ambulance.  Would you work in concert with other ambulance based standby?

Absolutely.  We will work with any other organization or service to ensure your success.  We do not require exclusivity, and are glad to work aside other groups – particularly in very large groups or complex events.

Do you provide electronic communications during the event?

Yes.  In addition to cellular phones, we use radios for communication.  We will gladly use your communications systems if desired.

How far in advance do I need to plan?

In general, the farther in advance, the better – especially for complex needs.  However, we’re also capable of providing last-minute services as well!

Are you HIPPA compliant? 

Yes.  All patient contact and records are kept in strict HIPPA compliance.

Do you provide patient records of care if needed by authorities?

Yes.  We use an electronic patient charting system.

Are you insured?


I see you are based in New Jersey.  Can you legally work outside of New Jersey?

Yes, we can provide basic life support services in most states.  We will abide by the laws and requirements of each state.

My event is inside, or not bike-friendly.  Are bikes necessary?

No.  We can use bicycles as a primary mode of getting around in a variety of settings – outdoors or indoors.  However, they are not necessary in all settings and situations. If your particular event doesn’t need or allow them, we can still provide standby coverage.


Any other questions?  Contact us!